The most important part of the pools cape is the area around the swimming pools. It is not only where everyone gather together while poolside and it also plays an integral role in defining the personality and style of the pool. In the market, there are a wide range of artificial and natural materials that creates superior pool decks, but those made from epay wood are incomparable match to other materials for pool settings.

Decks can modify an unusable space into something spectacular and usable space for family gatherings and for recreation. Epay wood is the toughest and long lasting natural decking material available on the market. The epay wood decking is maintenance free decking that could last over than 70 years. The epay wood deck enhances the beauty of a pool and they are able to handle hard use, pool chemicals and weather changes.

Naturally, this hardwood is resistant to rot and decay. The decks made out of Epay wood delivers a touch of elegance to every outdoor space.

The features of Epay wood decking are:

Eternity Pools provide professional epay wood deck installation and maintenance and we are the largest supplier of epay woods in Kerala.

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