PVC Puddle Flunge Fabrication

The PVC flunges are fittings that are used to connect into the pipes that allow the attachment of the accessories and other items; that are used to increase, decrease or stop the water flow. It also helps to increase the strength of the pipe. The discs on the flunge make a tight seal when pressing the two surfaces with clamps, bolts or a compressive force. They used for the installation of pipeline inside the concrete walls and floors of the swimming pool. The advantage of puddle flunge is the pipe that passes through the concrete walls will not get bonded with the concrete or water. So the water can travel along the external surface of the pipe.

Due to the high performance and quality PVC flunge have great demand in the swimming pool industry. More over the flunges we deliver have longer service life and resistant to corrosion and abrasion and also they are able to withstand all kinds of water pressures.

The installations of PVC flunges is very easy and are comparatively more flexible than other types of flunges. They are available in many sizes and can be customized as per the specification needed for the customers. Eternity Pool is the leading distributer of PVC Puddle Flunges in Kerala.

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