The fountains are luxury architectural master pieces where water jets into the air or pours into a basin to create decorative and stunning effect that can enhance the charm of the garden, swimming pool and other areas on the lawn. Fountains are now commonly used to decorate the parks, public places, events and on the exterior of commercial and residential structures.

Fountains are of various types such as musical fountains, splash fountains, drinking fountains, wall fountains and jumping jet fountains.

Musical Fountains

It’s a type of fountain with synchronized water, light and sound used for entertainment purposes .It is also used on live performances such as orchestras or dance to create a theatrical spectacle.

Splash Fountains

Splash fountains are used for recreation in private or public parks to cool off where there is no standing water. These fountains are used by children and adults for water plays. The main feature of these fountains is that they are safe to all ages.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are used in public places like schools, parks and rest areas and they are designed to provide drinking water for people. Certain filters are used to remove the impurities in the water and chillers are added to stabilize the water temperature.

Wall Fountains

The best cost effective fountains are wall fountains. The installation cost and space need for these fountains is comparatively low. They can be mounted or built into the interior or exterior walls of a building. Most of the wall fountains are self circulating.

Jumping Jet Fountains

The functionality of these fountains is completely controlled by the computer. They are ideal for installing in pools, gardens and on patios. The water will appear like a chopped glass rods flying through the air.

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