Infinity Pools are also known as disappearing edge pools and negative edge pools. It generates a visual effect of water extending or vanishing into the horizon.

Infinity Pools are generally built on a sloped surface. The location of infinity pools is a crucial factor on its construction. These pools are usually constructed by overlooking to another water bodies such as lake or sea to give an impression of water flowing with no boundaries. An infinity pool has more than one wall that come to water level rather than above it and thereby creating a water flowing endless effect. The water that overflows on these pools are not gets wasted. There is a catch pool beneath vanishing edge of the Infinity pool to store the overflowing water. Hence this water is collected and pumped back into the main pool after filtering it. Infinity Pools require a lot of installation space and require extensive architectural and mechanical detailing. These pools are comparatively very much larger and expensive than other types of pools.

The infinity pools are generally preferred for commercial structures such as hotels, resorts and other luxurious places. Eternity Pools have great expertise in developing infinity pools around the world.

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