Overflow Pool

Nowadays the demand of Overflow Pools is increasing because of their exquisite design.

Overflow pools can be considered as a mirror on the ground due to their calm and smooth reflective surfaces .This effect is created through a technique known as perimeter overflow .The water in these pools will flows over the four sides of the swimming pool. The walls of these pools are built lower than normal that is set slightly below the water level. The water that spills over the pool is not getting wasted and is collected on containment vessel or catch pool. The water in catch pool is circulated back into the pool through the pool inlets. A remote holding tank can be installed if the catch pool cannot contain all the water. The filtration efficiency of these pools is comparatively high to other pools.

Overflow pools are of two types and they are deck level overflow pools and raised level overflow pools. On Deck Level Pools, the water will spills into hidden catch basin beneath the pool. It can be resembled to flat sheet of glass or mirror .Like the name represents, raised overflow pools are built just above the ground. It can create a cube like effect which makes the water is floating without walls.

Eternity Pools is engaged in designing and developing overflow pools with extreme perfection at an affordable budget.

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