Plunge Pool

Plunge Pools can create a stunning visual to your garden. The demands for Plunge Pools are increasing .Because homes and other residential structures are being constructed day by day.

Plunge Pools have a unique feature. They can be built either inside a building or on the garden and also can be designed to fit in any space. Instead of swimming and exercising, this type of pool is generally used for cooling off and lounging. This pool helps us to get refreshed after long stress of work. Plunge Pools are perfect for doing aqua aerobics such as stretching of arms, legs and abdomen.

Plunge Pools helps to save a lot of space on the garden and the patio. Due to the limited size, plunge pools are shallower. They are of low cost smaller in size, easier to maintain, water requirement is less comparing to types of swimming pools.

The design team at Eternity Pools can built Plunge Pools with customized specification after understanding your needs and budget. It can be enhanced by adding fountains and waterfalls.

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