Pool Tiles

Choosing the right pool tiles is a complicated task during swimming pool construction. Everyone needs their swimming pool to be modern and to be visually stunning and also they should match with the design of the landscape. The most fascinating parts of a pool are the swimming pool tiles. They create an aesthetic as well as a functional element.

Many factors have to be considered while selecting tiles for swimming pools. The pool tiles should be able to withstand with the swimming pool chemicals .Otherwise after regular use of chemicals the color of tiles could get faded. They should be scratch and slip resistant. It will preserve the new like look of the swimming pool for a long time.

There are mainly 5 types of pool tiles are available in the market. That includes porcelain pool tiles, mosaic pool tiles, glass pool tiles, brick pool tiles and stone pool tiles.

Porcelain Pool Tiles

The most common type of tile used in swimming pool nowadays is made out of porcelain. They are dense and durable and able to withstand heavy usage can be used for a long time. The unique feature of porcelain tiles is that it has the lowest heat absorption rate among other types of pool tiles.

Mosaic Pool Tiles

Mosaic Tiles are the favorite among swimming pool tiles. Due to their small size, it can be used together to create colorful and artistic accents on different parts of the swimming pool. If Mosaic tiles are used on the swimming pool floor. The surface has to be cleaned regularly.

Glass Pool Tiles

Glass Tiles are available in a wide range of deep rich colors and designs with a glossy finish. The colors of glass tiles can dramatically change the look of the swimming pool. If the color of glass tile is light, the water will look bright and clear or the color is darker, the pool will look deeper. The main advantage of glass tiles is its waterproof feature and it will not get faded and is easy to clean

Brick Pool Tiles

Brick Tiles are eminent because of its high durability. Since brick tiles are of porous material so it will absorb a lot of water and they have the highest heat absorption rate. Sealants have to reapply after every couple years to preserve the look of swimming pools.

Stone Pool Tiles

Stone Tiles is the best choice for giving a natural look to the swimming pools that emulates its surroundings. These tiles are easy install and are less expensive. Like brick tiles, it absorbs a lot heat.

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