Pool Water Treatment Booklet

Pool Water Treatment is inevitable on every types of swimming pool to maintain the visual clarity of water. It is used in swimming pools to stabilize the pH level of water and to remove harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that cause waterborne diseases.

A water filter is used to carry away pollutants and windblown debris. To regulate the pH level in water some chemicals are being used. The first one is pH+ liquid or Soda Ash and it is used to increase the pH level of water whereas the second one is pH- liquid or Sodium bisulphate and it is used to reduce the pH level of Water. Algae occur normally in every water bodies. Algaecide is used to remove and kill algae in swimming pools. To sanitize the swimming pool water Chlorine powder and granules are used. The concentrated chlorine is a shock treatment to both algae and bacteria. It will eliminate all these micro organisms. If the amount of chlorine is very high, Bromine pills are used to neutralize the chlorine and it is also a good disinfectant.Net Bord liquid are used to clean the swimming pool tiles. It helps the pool tiles to looks shine all the time. Some wasp repellents are used in swimming pools to moves away insects such as mosquitoes and flies.

By regular water treatment, we can make your swimming pool clean and clear and helps to remove harmful micro organisms. We, Eternity Pools is the offers the best swimming pool water treatment in Kerala using wide range of pool chemical and equipments.


Pool chemicals for water treatments



Price [Rs.]


Soda Ash or pH+ liquid (pH Plus Liquid)

To increase pH

Add 0.1 litre to 10m3 to increase pH 0.2units to be tested each 2hours by attempting 0.2units increase while filtration is running to get pH between 7 -7.6



Sodium Bi Sulphate or pH- Liquid(pH Minus Liquid)

To reduce pH

Add 0.1lit to 10m3 to reduce 0.2 unities. for clear water quantity could be doubled.



Algaecide (To remove green algae)

To remove and kill algae

Add 1 Lit to 20M3 then 1/2 litre to 20m3 every week



Aluminum Sulphate (Alum) Granules or Liquid Flocculants

To make all the clay, organic waste, decayed compound and other floating dirt settle to the pool floor

Adjust pH to 7.8 then add 0.2 l/10m3 or 200g/10m3 directly to skimmer run pump for 24 hours then turn of to make sedimentation then vacuum directly to waste bypassing filter.



TCCA 90 Chlorine Granule

Fine chlorine which will give more free chlorine to the water unlike bleaching powder

Add 2mg/l



TCCA 90 Chlorine Tablet

To insert these tablets to all new chlorine tablet dispensers to ensure automatically enough chlorine at all time.

When water is cloudy 7 to 10 tab/10m3and then add one 20gm tab/10m3 in skimmer, this will raise chlorine 1mg/l



Liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)

Chlorine in purified form

To maintain 2mg/l add 250 ml to 10m3 and
. maintain stabilizer less than 75mg/l


Shock chlorine 20gms

High concentration for chlorine shock treatment during algae growth

When water is cloudy 7 to 10 tab/10m3and then add one 20gm tab/10m3 in skimmer this will raise chlorine 1mg/l


Chlorine Stabilizer

Economizes 40-60% of chlorine if chlorine gas or inorganic chlorine (Sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite)

100g/10m3 for a reading of 10gm/lit


Force 5

5 action tablet 250gm work as disinfectant, algaecide, Flocculants ,pH stabilizer & clarifier.

1 tab/20m3 every 5 to 8 days at a pH between 7 to 7.4


Neutralizer Cl and Bromine

Deactivate chlorine

Add 4g/m3 and 8g/m3 for bromine.


Bromine Pills

Excellent disinfectant at any pH.non smelly

Maintain 2 to 3mg/litre, or 5 pills/10m3


Net Bord

To clean pool tiles

Apply with sponge on the moist
wall and leave it for 15 minutes and after that just rub and wipe off.


Wasp Repellant

To moves away insects including mosquitoes

1 litre/50m3


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