Bio Ponds

Bio Ponds are also known as Biological Pools or Natural Pools. A Bio pond is specifically designed and maintained biologically, using naturally-occurring, and plants beneficial bacteria to consume excess wastes and break down plant materials and fish waste, leaving your water clean and clear.

The main feature of Bio ponds is that it does not require chlorine or other chemical substance for sanitizing it. Instead of chemicals, it utilizes plants as a living filtration system which absorbs nutrients to cleanse and clear the water and thus maintains a natural environment for swimming.

The aquatic plants are rooted into the basement of gravels of varying size which act as a massive filtration bed. As the water passes by the aquatic plant roots, nutrients are absorbed in order for plant growth. In addition micro-organisms and The Wastes are broken down and absorbed by the roots of selected indigenous plant species, leaving no nutrients available for algae and bacteria to develop. As the plants grow, they strip the water of impurities, leaving behind nothing but pure, fresh water. The clear purified water is then re-circulated again into the pond and this eco filtering cycle starts all over again.

Eternity Pools and Gardens is an eminent swimming pool company in Kerala which specializes in the design and construction of Bio Ponds for residential and commercial clients.

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